• We are introducing new signage on the park. New 5MPH signs have been introduced for a few weeks now and a few drivers have been asked to help keep everyone safe by observing the speed limit!
  • New and quality used holiday homes are very much in short supply, however the situation is improving, we will be having more stock very soon.
  • It’s not easy to keep everyone informed of what is becoming available, we are working on this, but for the moment you can view what is coming soon on the Orchard Caravans website, there you will find a page for Friary Farm Caravan Park;
  • We have introduced and adopted a new style of decking, it is more environmentally friendly, more sustainable and much more sturdy, with no creaking and no wobbling! Eventually plastic decking will be phased out, we recognise it will take a few years.
  • The bonfire has been removed, a very environmentally unfriendly way of disposing of rubbish, types of rubbish usually found on the bonfire will be sorted and recycled where possible, this will greatly reduce the fire risk and will not put any sleepy hedgehogs in danger.
  • We are pleased to announce that we now  have a new Park Warden, he is fully aware of the layout of the park, it’s operation and he has everyone’s interest at heart. A walk around the park and buildings is carried out every evening before retirement, you may catch sight of him.

That’s it for the moment, Jerome is steadily going through the list of planned improvements and little by little he and Donna will deliver these improvements to Friary Farm and its’ customers.

The Orchard Caravans Leisure Group is in full support.

Thank you for reading this news section. ed.