What will it cost me to acquire a holiday caravan at Friary Farm?

In order to take up a pitch on the park, you will need to purchase a new caravan from us. We tend to sell the more luxurious caravans on the market, and supply caravans manufactured by ABI, Swift, BK, Willerby and Pemberton, in sizes of 35 x 12 and upwards. Prices typically range from £40,000 to £50,000, depending exactly on the size and specification. Prices are based on the manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price, plus a charge for delivery to the park (usually around £1,350), and a siting and connection charge of £3,500. This charge covers the costs of positioning and setting up the unit on your pitch, including all the gas equipment with two full gas bottles, relevant engineers’ fees, and interior and exterior valets. All prices include VAT where applicable, and all caravans are guaranteed fully for 12 months. As we only have limited availability of pitches each year, we operate a mailing list for people who would like to be informed when a pitch becomes available.

Second-hand units are sometimes available.

If you would like to go on the mailing list then click here and complete the form.


I would like a veranda to go next to my caravan – do I have to buy these through the park also?

Yes. We supply individually designed verandas in both PVC and wooden decking through PVS Sheerline in Great Yarmouth and a local carpenter. Prices realistically range from £3,500 to £8,000 plus for very large PVC decks. The design and installation process is managed and supervised by us, and both come fully guaranteed. See the separate information sheet for details.


How much are the annual charges?

Annual charges for the 2018 season (payable in advance on 1st March) are £3,000 inc. VAT. This figure is made up of:

  • Pitch Fees (i.e. rent);
  • Park Service Charge (covering the running costs relating to your pitch and the park);
  • Your share of the Unified Business Rate (the equivalent of the Council Tax for commercial premises); and
  • Water and Sewage charges.


There is also an additional charge of £125 inc. VAT invoiced in November, along with the season’s electricity usage and any gas remedial work needed. This is the Caravan Service Charge (Gas Safety Test, Central Heating System Antifreeze Test & Draindown service).

This brings the total fees payable in 2018 to £3125. Should you require a breakdown of any of these charges, we will be happy to provide one. All charges apply to everyone equally.

Are there any other annual expenses?


Gas for cooking and heating has to be paid for when you order a new bottle

Caravan Insurance: owners have to insure their caravans for full replacement value against a range of risks as detailed in their Pitch Licence Agreement (including third party liability to the sum of £2m). The park’s block insurance policy operated by JLT Leisure provides the full cover necessary and the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of in the event of an incident. Anyone choosing to opt out of the park’s block policy, must provide proof of adequate insurance, and pay an administration fee to the park.

There are no other compulsory expenses but we can arrange any maintenance or repairs you may require from time to time.


Do owners have any legal security of pitch? Is there an Age Policy for the caravans?

Yes, under the Agreement offered to purchasers of all new caravans security of pitch is guaranteed for a minimum period of ten years. Customers buying a second-hand van have a legally enforceable right to a pitch up to the van being ten years old.  Owners of vans over ten years old are on site at the discretion of the Park owner, but, provided units are well maintained and fully insured owners can expect to have their Agreement renewed on a year to year basis for a further ten years.


Can I let my caravan?

No. Caravans are strictly for the use of the owners and immediate family only.   Subletting is not permitted.


Are dogs allowed?

Pets are welcome provided they are kept on a lead at all times on the Park, and all mess is cleared up!


Can I use my caravan all the year round?

No.   Because we are a holiday Park and not a residential site, use is restricted to the summer season only (usually the first weekend after the 20th March to the last weekend in October).   You are welcome to visit for the day in winter, but please note that the water and electricity will be turned off out of season.


 What electrical equipment can I use in my caravan?

The supply is a 16 amp. supply and is suitable for most domestic appliances. All new Holiday caravans have gas central heating, cookers and water heaters.


If I wish to dispose of my caravan in a few years time do I have to sell it back to the Park owner?

The detailed procedure for selling your caravan is set out in a separate leaflet available from the Park office. Under your Agreement you have the right to sell your caravan privately with the benefit of the pitch, provided the caravan is less than ten years old and provided you have first offered it to the Park owner and that the offer has been declined.   In the event of a private sale a commission of 15% plus VAT is payable to the Park owner.


Who cuts the grass and keeps the Park tidy?

It is the responsibility of our staff to cut the grass as near to the caravans as is practical.   It is the owners’ responsibility to keep the area immediately adjacent to and under their caravan trimmed and tidy. It is our responsibility to maintain and landscape all communal parts of the Park.


Can I bring my boat?

Yes, provided it is kept in the boat storage area when the caravan is not in use. Wooden, fibreglass or plastic boats and canoes must not be stored under the caravan as this is a fire hazard. A small annual charge is payable for each boat.


When is the office open? What if I need assistance outside these hours?

During the season, the Park office is open Monday to Sunday from 9.00am to 12.30pm for caravan sales, sale of gas and all other routine business.   Gas cylinders are delivered to your caravan at the end of the week.   If you have an emergency and require attention outside these hours – there are often staff to be found working on the park during the day, and there is an emergency button on the phone in the telephone kiosk connecting to the park owner’s house (with an answer phone).


 Can I get a taste of life on the Park without buying a caravan straight off?

Yes.   We have two one bedroom holiday cottages for let in the courtyard next to the main house. Recently redecorated and refurbished throughout, they offer the rustic charm of a period cottage with all of today’s modern luxuries. These properties are being handled locally by The Blakeney Cottage Company, so please check out their website at www.blakeneycottagecompany.co.uk or contact Kitty or Justin Player on 01263 741773.

Prices in 2018 range from £450 – £645 for 7 nights or £297 for a 3 night break.


If you have any other queries not answered here click here to contact us.